All Star Kids

Two new colors join the classic colors.
Just in time for Summer.

All Star Kids Simple Slip

To make life easier for parents of the little ones when it's time to leave home.

All Star without laces.

Jack Purcell Woven

Regarding summer converse revisits the iconic model named after the famous Canadian badminton player.
This model in premium leather, now comes with an intricate woven strip detail along the trainer.

Converse Chuck Taylor 70

The line based on the manufacturing standards for chucks in the 1970s, brings back features lost in time.
The two classic models, High and Ox, come in two distinct lines, the Premium Leather and the Premium Chuck.

Converse x Missoni

Two different models with the fantastic Missoni Design and color.
One wedge, and the other a classic Converse with two diferent color combos.